A-Line Pipe Tools is proud to introduce the TACK-IT to the Pipe Trade Industry.


The TACK-IT was developed to provide proper spacing and alignment between piping components to be butt welded together. This task is now accomplished easily with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

The TACK-IT will positively increase quality assurance and production, which is a must in the industry today.

We have no doubt that all contractors, clients, fitters and welders will benefit from this new tool.

For a complete demonstration, please click on the animated demo.

Download TACK-IT Instruction Sheet

US Patent number: 6,824,038 B2 International patents pending

A-line Pipe Tools is committed to bringing you the most effective pipe tools.

We would like to introduce the Space-It Wedges. Space-It wedges are made exclusively with the “Double Taper Tip”.

Our wedges go in straight

We are also please to introduce an “INDUSTRY FIRST”, the Space-It Holster. The Space-It Holster is the most convenient and safest way to carry your Space-It wedges.

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